Family Support Services

Boy Scouts of America, Buckskin Council

Address: 2829 Kanawha Blvd. East, Charleston, WV 25311

Phone: 304-340-3663

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm. Saturday and Sunday Closed

Services: The purpose of the Boy Scouts of America–incorporated on February 8, 1910, and chartered by Congress in 1916–is to provide an educational program for boys and young adults to build character, to train in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and to develop personal fitness.

Seneca District serves Scouts and volunteers in the counties of Fayette, Raleigh, Nicholas, Webster, Greenbrier, and Pocahontas in West Virginia.

District Executive- David Leckie- 304-542-5071


Energy Express

Address: 104 E. Wiseman Avenue, Fayetteville, WV 25840 

Phone: 304-574-4253

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm. Saturday and Sunday Closed

Services: Energy Express is an award-winning, 8-week, summer reading and nutrition program for children living in West Virginia’s rural and low-income communities. 

With Energy Express, more than 3,000 children statewide gain or maintain reading levels during summer months through creative, colorful and captivating uses of art, drama and vocabulary. Our program also provides children with two nutritious meals each day during the program, helping to ensure our youths are fed each day even after the school year comes to an end. 


Family Options Providers, Inc

Address: 550 N Eisenhower Drive, Beckley WV 2801

Phone: 304-254-9610

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm. Saturday and Sunday Closed

FAST (Family Advocacy, Support & Training) from Legal Aid of WV

Address: 115B South Kanawha Street, Beckley, WV 25801

Phone: 304-255-0561

Services: Family Advocacy, Support & Training (FAST) is a Legal Aid of West Virginia program that helps West Virginia children, from birth to age 21, who have a mental health, co-occuring or co-existing diagnosis, and who are struggling or experiencing discrimination in school or early learning programs because of these challenges.

Some of the ways FAST can help include:

  • Working with families and school officials to develop individual education plans (IEPs).
  • Facilitating discussions between schools and families about how to manage a child’s problem behaviors in a way that is fair and designed to keep the child in public school.
  • Helping resolve legal concerns that directly impact a child’s academic success, including problems with accessing appropriate education services, as well as issues of custody and adoption, and acquisition of benefits, transportation and housing.


Fayette County 4-H

Address: 104 E. Wiseman Avenue, Fayetteville, WV 25840 

Phone: 304-574-4253

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm. Saturday and Sunday Closed

Services: 4-H is one of the largest youth development programs in the United States involving more than 6.5 million young people and 540,000 youth and adult volunteers. The focus is on helping youth learn leadership, citizenship, and life skills by participating in projects and service. 

Membership is open to any youth when he/she is in at least 9 years of age and is not older than 21 within the current 4-H year, which runs from October 1 – September 30. The Cloverbud program is open to youths ages 5-7 years of age. On a local level 4-H offers community clubs, specialty clubs, cloverbud clubs, county camp(s), club outings, Achievement Banquet, and more! In 4-H youth socialize, learn, and develop life skills in a safe, educational atmosphere.

Studies show that 4-H members do better in school, are more motivated to help others, feel safe to try new things, achieve a sense of self-esteem, develop lasting friendships.


Fayette County Community Corrections Program

Address: 2389 Lochgelly Road, Oak Hill WV 25901

Phone: 304-469-2004

Fax: 304-469-2077

Email: or


The 24/7 Dad® Philosophy

24/7 Dad® is based on a philosophy that supports the growth and development of fathers and children as caring, compassionate people who treat themselves, others, and the environment with respect and dignity. This philosophical basis of caring and compassion forms the underlying structure that constitutes the values that are taught in the 24/7 Dad® programs. Each 24/7 Dad® Program consists of 12 group based sessions that build on each other.

The 24/7 Dad®  is delivered in 12, two-hour sessions:

  • Family History
  • What it Means to Be a Man
  • Showing and Handling Feelings
  • Men’s Health
  • Communication
  • The Father’s Role
  • Discipline
  • Children’s Growth
  • Getting Involved
  • Working with Mom & Co-Parenting
  • Dads and Work
  • My 24/7 Dad® Checklist


Address: 209 West Maple Avenue, Fayetteville WV 25840

Phone: 304-574-2100


  • Resiliency for Appalachia- Youth Overcoming Trauma – The RAPP project is funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and is a category III network member of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network. The primary goal of the RAPP project is to bring evidence-based, trauma-informed treatment to the children of Southern West Virginia. RAPP is a collaboration between FMRS Health Systems, Inc.; Southern Highlands Community Mental Health Center; and Seneca Health Services, Inc. Therapists across the three comprehensive agencies are trained in evidence-based treatment models to better serve our region. RAPP is working to change how all child serving agencies approach children and families by facilitating trauma informed care training throughout the region.
  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) – PCIT  is a type of family therapy used to help improve family relations. It is an evidenced-based treatment model with highly specified, step-by-step, live-coached sessions with both the parent/caregiver and the child. It is targeted towards families with children ages 3-7, but can be modified for children as old as 10. The goals of treatment are improvement in the quality of the parent-child relationship, a decrease in child disruptive behavior problems with an increase in prosocial behaviors, an increase in parenting skills including positive discipline, and a decrease in parenting stress.
  • Trauma Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) – TF-CBT  is a type of therapy used to help children and adolescents who have suffered a traumatic life experience. It is an evidence-based treatment model targeted to treat children and adolescents ages 3-21. TF-CBT has the strongest research evidence of any treatment model for traumatized children. Goals of treatment include a decrease in child behavior problems related to post traumatic stress such as depression, anxiety and anger, while increasing the youth and family’s ability to cope with stress.
  • Adolescent Substance Abuse Services – Outpatient treatment is a good option for those whose substance use is just beginning or for those youth returning home from more intensive treatment. This allows the young person to remain at home, while receiving individual and supportive group sessions; teaching healthy coping strategies to deal with the pressures of young adulthood. Adolescents (14 years and older) may seek treatment for substance use disorders without parental permission.
  • Children’s Mobile Crisis Response – The FMRS Children’s Mobile Crisis Response team helps helps youth who are experiencing emotional or behavioral crisis by interrupting the immediate crisis and assisting youth and their families in becoming safe and supported. Crisis specialists and a parent support specialist provide support and teach skills necessary to return youth and families to routine functioning; maintaining children in their home or current living situation, school and community whenever possible.
  • Children’s Wraparound Services – “Wraparound” is a process that is designed to help groups of people involved in a family’s life, work together to support the family and their child who is returning from, or at risk of being sent to, an out-of-home placement in order to receive services.  “Wraparound” is based on the belief that youth make progress when family and community are involved in their care and treatment.  The process is used to support families by bringing a group of people together as a team for planning and delivering supportive services that build on family strengths, and address critical unmet needs to accomplish the outcome of keeping families together.  
  • School-based Mental Health – The Expanded School Mental Health program is a collaborative effort between FMRS Health Systems, Inc. and Raleigh County Schools, designed to address the emotional and behavioral difficulties that negatively impact school performance, grade point average, and the development of healthy relationships with other students and school authority figures; and optimize overall student health and well-being. The program is housed within Beckley Elementary and Stratton Elementary schools and is designed to operate throughout the regular school year. 
  • Regional Youth Services – The Resources for Adolescent and Family Transformation (RAFT) Center, is the Regional Youth Service Center for Region 6. The center is a collaboration between FMRS Health Systems, Seneca Mental Health, and Southern Highlands Community Mental Health. The goal of coordinating an array of outpatient services for youth with co-occurring substance use and mental health conditions. The mission of the Regional Youth Service Center is to decrease the stigma associated with “getting help.”  The RAFT Center is a welcoming environment where youth and families can find support and are able to seek services in a more relaxed setting.  
  • Parent Peer Support – FMRS provides a Parent Peer Support Specialist to help children and families navigate services and ensure they receive the most appropriate level of care.  Parent peer support is typically used when a family has multiple needs due to caring for a child with severe behavioral or developmental problems.  The Parent Peer Support Specialist can assist the child and their family in navigating complex systems by providing advocacy and linkage/referral to community resources. The Parent Peer Support Specialist facilitates parent support groups and meets one on one with families throughout the region.
  • Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI) – LSCI is an advanced, interactive therapeutic strategy for turning crisis situations into learning opportunities for children and youth with chronic patterns of self-defeating behaviors. LSCI views problems or stressful incidents as opportunities for learning, growth, insight, and change. This non-physical intervention program uses a multi-theoretical approach to behavior management and problem solving. LSCI provides staff a roadmap through conflict to desired outcomes using crisis as an opportunity to teach and create positive relationships with youth.


Gabriel Project

Address: 401 West Maple Avenue, Fayetteville, WV 25840

Phone: 304-574-0446

Services: The Gabriel Project of West Virginia benefits families without adequate financial resources to meet the tangible needs of a new baby.  We provide necessary baby items, such as new cribs, new car seats, diapers, formula, clothing, and hygiene products at no or low cost to our clients.

The Gabriel Project also recognizes that the needs of our clients go beyond tangible items. We support families in despair with understanding, compassionate listening and, if requested, prayer. We share child rearing experiences, offer information materials and answer general questions about baby care to improve parenting skills. And we make referrals to other sources of assistance that are beyond our mission.

We serve single mothers, homeless women, families without jobs or with low income jobs, women and children who are victims of domestic violence, and countless others.

Assistance provided by the Gabriel Project enhances the abilities of families to parent and nurture their children and to improve their quality of life. Gabriel Project assistance is primarily provided by volunteers called “Gabriel Angels”, working from community client services sites in churches and other facilities.

The Gabriel Project is not a crisis pregnancy program. We do not offer pregnancy testing, pregnancy termination, adoption services, counseling or medical care. We also do not offer housing, utility assistance or direct financial payments to clients


Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council

Address: 321 Virginia Street W, Charleston, WV 25302

Phone: 304-345-7722

Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 8am to 5:30pm. Friday, Saturday and Sunday Closed

Services: At Girl Scouts, your girl will prepare for a lifetime of leadership, success, and adventure in a safe, no-limits place designed for and by girls!

How? Through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience—a collection of engaging, challenging, and fun activities like earning badges, going on awesome trips, selling cookies, exploring science, getting outdoors, and doing community service projects.

At Girl Scouts, she’ll get to lead her own adventure (it’s her world!) and team up with other girls in an all-girl environment to choose the exciting, hands-on activities that interest her most. Along the way, she’ll gain important skills in four areas that form the foundation of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience:

  • Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)
  • Outdoors
  • Life Skills
  • Entrepreneurship


Just for Kids, Inc

Address: 129 Main Street, #406, Beckley, WV 25801

Phone: 304-255-4834

Services: Just For Kids coordinates the efforts of child protection staff, law enforcement professionals, family advocates, medical experts and mental health clinicians under one roof. Our staff:

  • facilitates our partners’ collaborative response
  • arranges families’ visits to the center, including provision of support services, such as transportation
  • conducts forensic interviews
  • provides family advocacy and crisis intervention services
  • provides mental health therapy
  • ensures appropriate medical treatment

All of our services are aimed at reducing trauma so that children and families may begin the healing process. Just for Kids services are free of charge to every client.


KVC In-Home Therapy

Address: 3872 Robert C. Byrd Drive, Beckley WV 25801

Phone: 304-929-4130

Services: KVC provides two types of in-home services: Medically-Necessary Services and Socially-Necessary Services. There is a great deal of research showing the positive impact of conducting therapy in the home as opposed to an office setting.

  • Medically-Necessary Services – services to children and adults who have Medicaid and meet APS Healthcare and Medicaid criteria for medical necessity. We offer both individual and family therapy. Contact your local KVC office to check therapist availability in your area!
  • Socially-Necessary Services – provides in-home Socially Necessary (ASO) Services through partnerships with the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR). The referrals for these services are generated through DHHR only, and clients of Child Protective Services or Youth Services are eligible to receive these services.This program is funded in part under an Agreement with the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources.


MIHOW (Maternal Infant Health Outreach Worker) from New River Health Association

Address: 57 Sutphin Lane, Scarbro, WV 25917

Phone: 304-469-2415

Services: The Maternal Infant Health Outreach Worker Program (MIHOW) works with pregnant women and families with children up to three years of age. MIHOW utilizes Home Visitors to provide education regarding pregnancy and early childhood development, support, encouragement for healthy lifestyles and resource referrals. MIHOW Home Visitors become advocates, as well as educators, for those enrolled in the MIHOW program.

Contact Debbie Withrow at 304-469-2415

New River MIHOW is a partnership between Vanderbilt University Center for Community Health Solutions MIHOW Program and New River Health


Mountaineer ChalleNGe Academy

Address: PO Box 586, Kingwood WV 26537

Phone: 304-329-2118 or Toll-free: 1-800-529-7700

Services: This residential program provides Cadets with a safe, secure and structured learning environment as well as hands-on career training programs. Nearly 90 percent of our Cadets successfully complete the program and earn their high school diplomas – in only 22 weeks.

There are eight core components of the Mountaineer ChalleNGe Academy program. Cadets must successfully complete all eight components to graduate from the Academy. The core components are designed to educate and produce youth that will become productive members of the community upon graduation.The eight core components are


MountainHeart Community Services, Inc

Address: 228 Ragland Road, Beckley, WV 25801

Phone: 304-253-7654

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm. Saturday and Sunday Closed


  • Business Development
  • Child Care Resources & Referral
  • Head Start and Early Head Start
  • Weatherization Assistance Program
  • WV Birth to 3
  • YouCARE


Office of Diversion and Transition Programs

Address: 4712 Robert C. Byrd Drive, Beckley, WV 25801

Phone: 304-250-6570

Services: The goal of Transition Specialists is to prepare juveniles for successful transition to public school, employment, and to life in their communities as responsible, productive citizens. The Office of Transition and Diversion Programs (ODTP) serves students who face unique educational challenges because they are placed in facilities out of their home for adjudicated and status related offenses, mental health services, or specialized medical needs. ODTP Transition Specialists work closely with these students to ensure they are able to enroll in public school or higher education, complete their high school graduation tracks, obtain employment, and develop essential skills needed to function productively in society.


Right from the Start (RFTS)

Address: 402 Main Street, Rainelle, WV 25962

Phone: 304-438-5810 or Toll Free 1-866-214-0962


Services: Right from the Start (RFTS) is a statewide program that helps West Virginia mothers and their babies lead healthier lives by offering home visitation services with a Designated Care Coordinator (registered nurse or licensed social worker).

Our services are FREE and support mothers, their new babies and their families by helping create a safe, nurturing home. Our Designated Care Coordinators discuss any questions and concerns you may have and help you find the resources you need.


Safe at Home

Address: 350 Capitol Street, Charleston, WV 25301

Phone: 304-356-0628

Services: The goals of Safe at Home West Virginia are to:

  • Ensure youth remain in their own communities whenever safely possible.
  • Reduce reliance on foster care/congregate care and prevent re-entries.
  • Reduce the number of children in higher cost placements out-of-state.
  • Step down youth in congregate care and/or reunify them with their families and home communities.

Safe at Home West Virginia is initially focusing on youth 12-17 years old in congregate care both in and out of state. We believe that if targeted and comprehensive community services are provided to wrap around youth and their families, we can either reunify them or keep them out of care in the first place, and most importantly, keep youth in their communities.

Safe at Home West Virginia includes:

  • Trauma-informed assessments for youth and their families to identify their needs.
  • Trauma-informed wraparound services.
  • Evidence-based services and supports.
  • Opportunities to provide services early and often, aligned with the targeted needs of youth and their families.  

Youth considered for Safe at Home West Virginia wraparound services must:

  • Have an open case;
  • Be 12 to 17 years old; and 
  • Be at risk for out-of-home placement.


WIC Program

Address: 1822 East Main Street, Oak Hill, WV 25901

Phone: 304-465-5314

Hours of Operation: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8am-12pm, 1pm-6pm; Friday Closed, Saturday Closed, Sunday Closed

Services: The Fayette County WIC program welcomes you to call them for an appointment to assist you and your family. They have the knowledge and healthy foods to nourish your family.

Fayette County staff offer services for pregnant women, infants and children up to the age of five years.  In addition to their monthly food package, in the summer they offer farmer’s market coupons. They have breastfeeding classes and one-on-one nutritional consultations to help you make healthy food choices and give you information to establish healthy lifestyle habits.

Their goal is to help you have the best outcome for your pregnancy and to grow a healthy family.  Pregnancy, babies, and children don’t come with an instruction manual and that is where WIC can make a difference. For  assistance in Fayette County, please give them a call at their office at 304-465-5314 or call 1-888-454-3928, and they will give you information to pre-qualify you and make an appointment.


United Way of Southern West Virginia

Address: 110 Croft Street, PO Box 5456, Beckley, WV 25801

Phone: 304-253-2111

Fax: 304-253-2144

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8am-4pm


  • WV 211 – gives information about organizations and programs that may help you, but 2-1-1 does not provide direct assistance. Rather, calls during business hours will be connected to the local Information and Referral Center where friendly, trained staff will assess your needs. During other hours, call center operators will search a database of available services.
  • Equal Footing Shoe Fund – providing children in Fayette, Raleigh, Nicholas, Wyoming, McDowell, Mercer and Summers counties who are in need of shoes with new, athletic style shows. Children ages 1-18 who are residents of the 7 county service region.
  • Anti-Hunger – partners with the West Virginia Department of Education Office of Child Nutrition  to bring awareness to the issue of child hunger over the summer months and to support a thriving summer feeding program in Southern West Virginia. They hosted information sessions about sponsoring a Summer Feeding Site, connected individual volunteers to sites needing assistance, hosted trainings for Summer Feeding Site sponsors, and provided seed money for those wishing to start up a new summer feeding site.
  • Literacy – partners with Mabscott and Cranberry-Prosperity Elementary Schools to provide volunteer readers on a monthly basis which helps to promote increased positivity towards reading and writing, as well as providing students with a positive adult role model. Additionally, each student in grades 2-5 at these schools receives their very own copy of the book that we read and discuss with them
  • Healthy Babies – Schools, hospitals, churches or other community organizations can request a Healthy Babies Presentation from the United Way to learn about the issues many children in our area are facing as they are exposed to alcohol or drugs while developing in the womb, or physical abuse once they are born. These presentations are poignant and show how the need to support children and families in Southern West Virginia is stronger than ever. Presentations include information on: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, and Shaken Baby.


West Virginia Birth to Three

Address: 350 Capitol Street #427, Charleston WV 25301

Phone: 304-558-5388

Services: WV Birth to Three is a statewide system of services and supports for children under age three who have a delay in their development, or may be at risk of having a delay, and their family.  The Department of Health and Human Resources, through the Bureau for Public Health and the Office of Maternal, Child and Family Health, WV Birth to Three, as the lead agency for Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), assures that family centered, community based services are available to all eligible children and families.  

To be eligible for WV Birth to Three services, an infant or toddler under the age of three can either have a delay in one or more areas of their development, or be at risk of possibly having delays in the future.

A child may have delays in one or more of the following areas:

  • Cognitive – thinking and learning
  • Physical – moving, seeing and hearing
  • Social/emotional – feeling, coping, getting along with others
  • Adaptive – doing things for him/herself
  • Communication – understanding and communicating with others


West Virginia Children Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Address: 2 Hale Street # 101, Charleston, WV 25301

Phone: 304-558-2732

Services: WVCHIP was created to help working families who do not have health insurance for their children.

Services covered by WVCHIP:

  • Doctor visits
  • Check-ups
  • Hospital visits
  • Immunizations (Shots)
  • Prescriptions
  • Tests and X-rays
  • Dental care
  • Vision care  
  • Emergency care
  • Mental Health
  • Diabetic supplies
  • Urgent Care or After Hour Clinic Visits
  • Case Management for Special Needs
  • And more…


West Virginia Youth Advocate Program

Address: 14 E. Grafton Rd. Extension, Suite C, Fairmont, WV 26554

Phone: 304-363-4237

Services: NYAP in West Virginia has served children and families since 1982. In keeping with our philosophy of maintaining strong local support for our foster parents and team members, the West Virginia program is administered through these office locations:

  • Fairmont
  • Martinsburg
  • Parkersburg
  • Wheeling
  • Ravenswood
  • New Martinsville
  • Harrisville
  • Sutton

Under the leadership of the WV State Program Director, Renee Ellenberger, these offices serve as a base for regional services which include an array of Therapeutic Foster Care options and Home Based Services for children ages 0-18 and their families. These services include:

  • Emergency Foster Care
  • Family Foster Care
  • Therapeutic Foster Care  
  • THRIVE (Mental Health Services)
  • Respite Care  
  • Positive Adolescent Sexuality Services (PASS)
  • Parenting and Home Based Services


Online Resources